2014 FLL WORLD CLASS Challenge

FLL World Class 2014 Challenge

On this Colorado FLL site, you'll find: 

  • Colorado FLL Schedule *new! Oct 16 - NE Metro merged into Central Metro at McAuliff Int'l School
  •  FAQ
  • Tournament registration is open!  Please continue to recruit your volunteers!  
    • See Tournament Process Overview here.
    • Before purchasing your tournament tickets,
      a team 
      Volunteer Commitment is required.
        See the details here.  
    • You still need to complete your team survey while recruiting your volunteers.  
    • Coaches can volunteer as judges FOR A DIFFERENT TOURNAMENT and fulfill the volunteer requirement.  
    • It's a great experience and will provide valuable insights for your team this season and/or for seasons to come.
  • Help Registering with US FIRST systems:
  • US FIRST Team Registration is open here.* 
  • There are several changes this year for registration, including...
    • US FIRST's Youth Protection Program (YPP)  safety training and screening requirements for coaches, mentors and volunteers.    
    • Volunteer registration for ALL volunteers is on the US FIRST Volunteer Information & Matching SystemVIMS 
    • Consent and Release forms are collected electronically this year.
      • coaches and volunteers will complete the C&R during their registration
      • Team member parents must complete the C&R for their students here.

Colorado team counts:

  • 327 Teams recorded, Sept 30

Consent Forms

Please complete an electronic Consent & Release form for each participant (including coaches and mentors) on the US FIRST Team Information Management System, here (and linked above*).  This is a MUST for every participant in any ColoradoFIRST qualifier or Championship tournament.

Challenge was Released on August 26, 2014! It's a whole new class – FLL WORLD CLASS! - See more here , including a fun Video about the challenge!  


Do your team members have younger siblings that want to be involved?  Check out our JrFLL information page linked at right.

2014 Team Shirts

NOW AVAILABLE!  2014 World Class Team Shirts

Nov 8th Teams - Please order today!

Team Shirts Available

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EV3 Programming Site by FLL Team 51

Droids Robotics
Want to learn some EV3 programming techniques useful for FLL?
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Qualifier Registration update

FLL World Class Teams,

If you have already registered for a Qualifier, congratulations and thank you for completing the process quickly! Please consider purchasing a Qualifier t-shirt to commemorate the season. You can find your Qualifier t-shirt available for purchase on your team page.

Event Registration Closing

Event registration for Monarch Qualifier is now closed.

Event registration for the Preston Qualifier is now closed. Those teams that did not make it in should consider the Liberty Qualifier. Same day and only a few miles apart.

Event Status

Only two weeks until the events on Nov 8th! Please register now for these events.

Now that Preston is filled, Liberty will fill quickly. Northern Colorado teams I implore you to consider the Weld Qualifier (you may need to update your survey to include Weld on your team page). Yes, it's hard to imagine being "ready" by the 8th. Take heart, no one on the 8th is "ready". This will be a cozy event of no more than 16 teams. There are not enough spots at Poudre to handle the remaining NoCo teams. I'd much prefer that you choose Weld then find out that's the only choice a week and a half from now.

Colorado Springs teams - sign up now!! The Springs event is on Nov 8th and typically has about 40 teams. There are only 25 teams on the roster right now. I'd hate to see 15 teams miss an opportunity to participate at a Qualifier!

All other events have plenty of space available.
Note: We have enough Qualifier slots for all the teams only if all the events are filled.

Registration deadlines are coming fast! If your team has not completed registration by the deadline below, then we will do our best to assign your team to an event based on your preferences specified in the team survey and event availability. If, by the 25th, you have not completed your team survey and event preference we will assume your team is not participating in a Qualifier event - so please do the survey if you want to participate! Even if you are assigned, we'll still be asking for team volunteers.

Later events generally fill up first. Just because the deadline is later does not mean you have more time. Do not wait!

Event Date Events Team & Volunteer deadline
ALL All teams complete team survey  October 25th

Weld County Qualifier
Central Denver Qualifier
Southern Colorado Qualifier

October 25th
 11/15 East Metro Qualifier
Monarch Qualifier
Mountain League Qualifier
Poudre Qualifier
SE Metro Qualifier
November 1st
 11/22 Liberty Qualifier
North Metro Denver Qualifier
Preston Qualifier

 November 8th


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Booster Update

IOWA FLL team awarded patent

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...with special thanks to United Launch Alliance for sponsoring the FLL Colorado Championship!

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